How do you create a brand for a specialized social media platform that’s built on the premise of collaboration, community and connectivity? Collaborate with our creative community of course!

Kitemath partnered with Brooklyn-based illustrator John Solimine of Spike Press to create a collection of custom illustrations. They provide a flexible suite of assets that allow for engaging, animated video design, storytelling and give the brand a unique style and voice.

Video Design & Production (above): The explainer video serves as a high-level, high-impact overview of the illustrated world of CmomGo. It comes alive as we watch mom navigate her on-the-go lifestyle – seamlessly moving and communicating in her ever-expanding social circles.
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Logo Design (top center): The looping circles of the logo mirror CmomGo’s mission to interconnect – to build a community and support system where users can interact and communicate./em>
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