We are Kitemath. We believe that motivation doesn’t just happen by accident, it is created by design.

We CONNECT creativity & logic. We CREATE clarity from complexity. We CATALYZE conversations that lead to action. We transform information into engagement.

This year we will be launching Logo Happy, a new business focusing exclusively on Logo + Visual Identity Design.

In addition to our award-winning client work, Kitemath is the creative force behind Knocking Ghost, Retrobotics, and Jen Mayer Art.

What we do is a response to what you need. So what do you need?

ENGAGEMENT COMMUNICATION I need people to … have an understanding of ____ , have confidence in ____ , make a decision about ____ , act on ____.
SALES SUPPORT  I need people to … buy ____ , buy into ____ , buy off on ____.
INFORMATION DESIGN  I need to present [challenging, complex, mundane] information in a way that is [approachable, interesting, inspiring].

We create clear, compelling, and motivating materials, tools, and web applications for clients with needs like these.

From global corporations to local operations, we help organizations find effective solutions for complex engagement needs.

We’ve applied our strategies, skillsets, and solutions across multiple contexts—from HR to marketing to corporate affairs in industries as diverse as: Finance, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Energy, Telecommunications, Food and Beverage, Airlines, Entertainment, and Resource Management.

Mutual success helps build long-term relationships. Our clients value us not just as vendors, but as partners.

Our senior team is experienced, driven, flexible, and whip-smart—every person is an expert at their craft. We live and work in Chicago, and would love to have you see more of who we are and what we do—and talk about what you need. / CONTACT US